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DeboLogy (Powerful Broad Spectrum) Anti – Mycotoxins

By Virtue of composition, Debology attacks mycotoxins  according to the following:

- Debology chelating agents chelate the toxins, inhibit their toxic actions completely change them into untoxic and undigestable complex.

- Yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) enzymatically destroys the harmful mycotoxins metabolites which are eliminated via feces.

- Debology Contents of organic acid inhibit and overcome pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal tract.

- Debology has an effective antifungal effect.


Each 1 Liter Contains:

Dried bacillus subtilis extract 210 ml

Yeast extract ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 50 ml

Citric acid 60 ml

Phosphoric acid 40 ml

Tartaric acid 5 ml

Aspartic acid 25 ml

Lactic acid 50 ml

Calcium lactate 40 ml

Sodium citrate 20 ml

Potassium citrate 25 ml

Papain 40 ml

Propylene Glycol 100 ml

Distilled water up to 1 Liter



1 Liter

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