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DEBO e + Sorbitol - Liquid

- Vitamin E deficlency, Which results in muscular Dystrophy (White muscle disease) and stiff limb disease.

- Encephalomalacla (crazy chick disease)

- Infertillity, decreased hatchability and egg production.

- Antioxdant especlally in fat rich feed stuffs.

- Vitamin E and seleniume blay an important role as immune stimulants so the procuct is used during and dfter tredtment of animals and poultry from bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.

- Sorbitol is a source of energy & is amild diuretic.


Each 1 Liter contains:

Vitamin E 50.000 mg

Selenium 400 mg

Sorbitol 25000 mg



1 Liter

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